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Panchgani has always been a fond getaway from the sweltering heat of summers since the British times. Panchgani famed for the strawberry farms and boarding schools Panchgani has still managed to retain its unhurried relaxed charm. Along with the pleasant weather that Panchgani is blessed with all through the year Panchgani turns out as an ideal destination for a family vacation.

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On the banks of the river Krishna is Wai, a temple town by all means. There are seven ghats with each ghat boasting of more than one temple of significance. The 'Dholya Ganpati' temple is one of the major temples in Wai. Pandavgad a fort popular amongst trekkers is near Wai though the easier access is on the Bhor side.
Wai - The Temple Town
Kas Pathar is the valley of flowers of Maharashtra. After monsoons from August to November this vast plateau turns into a bed of flowers with more than 150 varieties of flowers.
Tapola - Around Panchgani
Tapola - Around Panchgani
Mahabaleshwar - Queen of Hills

Mahabaleshwar is under 20 Kms from Panchgani. Well known for the panoramic view points, Mahabaleshwar has as as many as 30 named after notable Britishers.

Tapola - Mini Kashmir..

Also known as the Mini Kashmir of the west, Tapola is a 40 km drive away from Panchgani. 'Shivsagar' boat Club in Tapola is very popular amongst water sports enthusiasts. If you are a trekking enthusiast Tapola is the launching spot to Vasota.

Pratapgad - Afzal Khan's Waterloo
Located 35 kms from Panchgani Pratapgad is not really a trekking destination and very few trekkers opt to trek up Pratapgad fort. Pratapgad is far more popular as a sightseeing option from Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, to the extend that there is a ‘Pratapgad Darshan’ bus service from Mahabaleshwar. Afzal Khan's tomb is the major landmark in  Pratapgad where an annual Urs is held to date. Bhavani temple and Shivaji statue are other important spots in Pratapgad.

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